Orinoco Airport card doesn't work


I have a G3/400 Lombard Powerbook with an Orinoco Airport card in the cardbus slot. OSX doesn't seem to recognize this, though it recognizes an apple airport card in a newer G3 powerbook/400. Has anyone gotten the Orinoco cards to work with their airports? I had to reboot in 9.1 to send this!

Rich G.
Like you, I'm unable to get this to work under OS-X.

What's worse, I can't get the Orinoco card to work under 9.1 either, even with Airport 1.3. We use an encrypted network at work, but when I try to attach to it, the card insists the key is incorrect; we know that is not the case.

Most annoying!

I don't suppose anyone happens to know if the Airport card will work on a Lucent Wavelan network with WEP and so on going?

Is it possible that you're using 128 bit encryption on your card or your wireless network at work? The Orinoco silver card and Apple Airports only support 40 bit encryption I believe. The Gold card supports 128bit encryption. We use Airports with encryption turned on and haven't had a problem with the Orinoco (old Wavelan Silver card).

Rich G.

Ah. Yes...we are using 128bit / Gold.

I guess I am stuck for the time being then. Thanks for the pointer!

Somewhere on the Web there is info on replacing an Apple Airport silver card with a gold card to allow enabling of 128 bit encryption. I don't recall where it is, and it voids the warrenty on the Airport, but it is possible to do.

Rich G.
Like you I was disappointed by OS X not supporting Lucent cards, I'm not likely to use it until this is fixed. :(

As to your other problem, I don't think silver vs gold is the main issue. What apple doesn't tell you anywhere is that if you have a binary key such as "0c2954b542" you need to preceed it by a $ so it knows it's in binary and won't try to do its strange conversion. Therefore you should enter "$0c2954b542" when it asks for a key.