os 10.1 german -> catastrophal!!!¨


* mail.app doesn't anymore use "favorites"
* Adressbook Items lets tie only into "Copy:" but not into "To:"
* "Word X TestDrive" crashes while starting up
* "Estella SQL" won't work anymore with mySQL
* "Services" are all gray and unusable
* OpenGL seems to be gone
* apache trouble
* php trouble...

what the hell is going on there?

ps: for "Toast Titanum 5" i found a newer version! :)


hmmm... thats sounds glory :)

i installed first the 24.Mars OS X.
then the 10.0.1 german
then the 10.0.4 (combi) german
and last week the update to 10.1 german

is it possibily because of the order?

what order did you install to 10.1???



the queue was:

parallel 10.04
update 9.2
update 10.1

all german.

no mismatch, no problem.





you wrote: apache and php all fine!... (i think, that could be because of a configruation-problem, while i tried to install newer versions before)...

but (!!!) what is about the "Services" from the finder menue? did there one of them function? (in my case: not one!)

and especially (what i miss from 10.0.4), the "Favorites"-Windowenhancement in the Mail.app, where these emails, which are marked with favorites (in the adressbook) are listened beneath the "New E-mail" window..... (a very usefull tool, because under 10.1 the Emails from Adressbook don't let drop in the "To:", only in the "Copy:"-line)...

are they working fine also, or are the away? (in 10.0.4 there was a "Favorite"-Heart-Symbol for the Symbol-line... in 10.1 it is totally gone in Mail.app.... can't find/see it!......)



Official Mac User
My services menu won't work neither in mac os x 10.0.4 german.
But till now i didn't think that this wuz an error, but just missing support in my apps i use under x yet.

The mail app also sucks:

* Dragging email addresses over from the address book to the "to:" edit field just works sometimes, not always (i dont know y).

* Every time i send an email, the recipient is added to my addressbook, even if it already wuz in there. So now i got all my friends like 30 times there in the address book.

* Ive got like 7 or 8 email accounts. If one of the pop3 servers goes down or is unavailable for some reason, n the mail app tries to check this mail account, it hangs up and can only be forced to quit.

* I cannot delete mails from my mac.com account. Everytime i try to do so, an error message saying "cannot delete mails from null" appears.

* Attached files cannot be read by pc users.

The only thing i like wit this app is the feature to paste images of my friends into the address book. But anyways, ill continue to use outlook under classic.

Hum... :confused: