OS 10.2 + G3 = molasses internet on OS 9


I'm Spartacus!
I installed OS 10.2.8 on my Beige G3 and everything works fine; however, the internet on the OS 9.2.2 partition is slow as molasses now. Does anyone know what's going on? When I first installed OS X, I had to "re-bless" the system file in OS 9.2.2 to get the OS 9.2.2 partition to boot up. Is something similar happening with my OS 9.2.2 internet files? Do I need to "re-bless" something to do with the internet in OS 9.2.2 to get it running normally again? I don't mind doing a little light internet surfing in OS X, but when the internet is working correctly in OS 9.2.2, it's much faster and therefore it would be more logical to do my heavy internet research in OS 9.2.2.

Thanks in advance for your help. :)