Os 10.4: Palm, Quicken 2006, Printer Problems


I sure could use some help here. I recently had a HD fatality, and with the repair I had 10.4.2 installed. Now I can't get my computer to do most of the basic functions I depend on. To whit:

Palm Os won't install. I've gone to the Palm-One site, downloaded the appropriate software, and tried to install it on my HD. Installation will proceed normally up until item #759 of 791, then the installation fails. Message says "item UPD 205.prc failed to install." 'Tried rebuilding desktop per Palm's help pages, but still, no beans.

Can't open Quicken files. Installed Quicken 2006. Tried to open backup files from Quicken 2000. Program will not recognize files as Quicken files. There goes four years of financial records.

I have two printers: an HP laserjet 1012 and a Brother MFC 3240. At first, any attempt to print caused application printed from to crash. Downloaded and installed Brother Printer patch, now at least I can print from my laser printer. When I attempt to print any document with more than a few lines on the Brother, the printer will just stop printing, and an error message "USB has stopped" appears. Document starts printing normally, then fades into nada. I tried deleting all printers but Brother and HP from my printer list as per Brother's troubleshooting section, but no change. I've emailed Brother, let's see if I get any help from them.

I am several steps above helpless with computers. I just want to be happy and be able to synch to my Handspring, print from my Inkjet, and open my financial files. Is that asking so much?