Os 10.4 User Group Corruption


My main user group that I always log on with started getting very slow and then froze a couple of times. I rebooted and can no longer enter into that user group. I can login though with a back up user. I have used diskwarrior and it made several repairs. I still can not get into my main user group. It seems that it is somehow corrupt. I tried logging with the shift key pushed so that nothing would start up, but that doesn't do anything either.

Is there a way to fix this?

Is there a way for me to at least access my documents and important folders to transfer them to a new user??

Thanks, Paul
I think we need a bit more detailed information. I don't know what you mean with User Group. Are you trying to log on to a Windows Server or something?
I think he simply means the "user", not a group.

If so, then several things could be the cause of the problem. Slowness of login to a user often stems from having too many and/or corrupt fonts installed in that user's Library (through FontBook or by hand). You could try and remove them from that user's Library through using the second user (if that second user's an administrator user, too, that is)...

Other things at fault could be permissions (repair permissions using Disk Utility either from that other user or using the installation medium) or Preference files in the user's Library folder.

If you have no time to find out exactly what's causing the problem(s), you might want to consider creating a completely new user and bringing over the files you need.

If you have a good backup, you could also reinstall cleanly and bring the files back from the backup.