OS 9.1 Problem.


In OS 9.1 you can pull off the finder menu. And a little doc appears that shows the running applications. Its kinda nice but i cant get rid of it! I checked on other machines and they all have window boxes to close out the thing. But mine has no boarders of any kind. And i cant get rid of it! I've started up with extensions off and it's still here so its not a third party problem!

Can anyone please help?

Not sure how this is OS X related, but ...

First try moving "finder prefs" and "mac os preferences" out of the System->Preferences folder and restart (move them to your desktop). One of them may have become corrupted somehow.

If that doesn't work, try resetting the paramter RAM, which stores all sorts of esoteric settings -- restart while holding down Command-Option-P-R (all four at once). The machine will restart itself during this process. If you really want to make sure it gets cleared, I've read you should let it cycle twice.


Just go in the "Help Center", in the "Help" menu, then type "Application switcher"
Then find the topic about the ability to make floating window, and you will find a set of AppleScripts to customize this window : no borders, text, big, small, no icons, etc...

Good luck :)
Thank you so much.... I didnt know what to search for in the help files. Now i know! Thank you so much hELLO wORLD! Ohh and griffman just so you know in the general discussion area you can post on just about anyting.

Ah, thanks for the clarification on general topics -- abd glad the Help Center thing cleared it up for ya! You can tell how long it's been since I've spent any appreciable time in 9, since I had no clue where that was! :)