OS 9 partition is missing


I installed Xmorph (i know -----hacky hacky) and anyway.... now my Os 9 parition (/dev/disk0s10) will not mount...

it is only visible in disk utiility, and even then when i try to repair it... it says "Keys out of Order"

any ideas on what to do?

i can't use classic at all...

i have even tried to start up from my OS 9 cd. (didn't work - it booted into OSX)
Had this problem several times on one machine (G3 266) but never on the other (G4 DP500), only solution is to re-install OS9. When done, boot back into OS9 BEFORE OSX, don't know why but if you don't OSX will grey screen. Out of interest did you have OSX Public Beta before installing OSX.