Os 9 Temp Load


I have a QS867 that lost its original 60G hard drive. I purchased a couple of 300G SATA's and a Sonnet 1.8 GHz CPU to upgrade the box. I loaded up the new drives and now have Tiger loaded. I need to have 9.2 loaded in order to run a patch supplied w/the CPU upgrade. I reloaded the software so that 10.4 is on one drive and 9.2 is on the other. The system will not boot to the 9.2; it gives a brief folder/?-mark altering with another icon and then restarts back as 10.4.

Any suggestions to get the system to boot into 9.2?

Since I have no need to stay with OS 9, once the patch is run from 9.2 and I get the CPU upgrade completed, (Should I get that far...) I plan on reimaging the system as RAID setup. Anything that should be taken into account prior to this?

Thanks for your help with this.



Rosie Moderator
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How did you install OS 9? Did you start up from the OS 9 CD to install?

Can you start up in OS 9 by going to the Startup Disk Panel in System Preferences (light switch in the dock)?

After you did the install of the OS's, did you use Disk Utility to repair permissions?