OS apps (mail, iCal etc.) doesn't work on login


I'm having a weird problem on my Powerbook running 10.3.9.
On login no of the "OS apps" will start, -their icons just bounce a few times in the dock, before they freeze and need to be forced to quit. However, after repairing permissions with Onyx everything seemed to work fine again, until I did a new restart. Then it was back to non-working programs.

I have done a bit of trouble shooting, and think I've narrowed the problem down to the user prefs, 'cos it doesn't seem to be a problem with the other user on my computer, and also if I move the whole user libray to the desktop and do a new login the apps seem to start up fine (but without all my mails, addresses etc of course). Does anyone have an idea what can be wrong and what files I need to trash? All help is much apperciated!
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Guess I should specify what I mean by "OS apps";
Address book
Disk Utility (and other utilities)
system prefs
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This are these I've found so far.
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I think there are too many preferences messed up to simply delete some of them. I would recommend to move to another user account and simply import the mails.
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I was dreading that was the only answer that would come up, but I'm on it now. An upside is that the whole system feels quite a bit snappier with the new user account.

I am having the EXACT same problem. My apple apps like Safari, Disk Utility, Mail all hang while non-apple apps like Firefox, Quicken, IE and apple apps like iSync and Chess work fine. Any thoughts before I have to create a new user?