os classic on tiger


how do i install ox classic on tiger. i do have a programm photoshop 6.0 and i would like to run it on my tiger but os classic can't be found.
i checked on my tiger dvd nothing, or i was to stupit to find it. can i download os classic somewhere and how do i have to install it and most important does it work on my tiger .
regards and thanks from lugano switzerland

10.4 retail version does not come with Classic. To install it, you need to have it separately. It does not come in a legally free downloadable version. So you'd need to purchase it separately, or use the one you had on your Mac before you upgraded to Tiger (if you have the disks).
Just to say this quite clearly: Any Mac that originally came with OS 9 or later _has_ the license for running Classic, because it either came with OS 9.x preinstalled or with OS 9.x as a Classic folder preinstalled. Either you have the original OS 9 installation media that came with the computer, or you have the installation media that include Classic in the additional software packages. If you somehow _don't_ have the necessary media, go to an Apple Store or another store selling Apple computers and let them help you. It's also okay if a friend can give you the software, since owning the Mac gives you the license for it.

This is _not_ true, however, if your Mac originally came with OS 8.6 or lower, then you'd need an OS 9.x license for running Classic in Tiger.
I have received my pb 17" with osx 10.2 . i found on this disk a program named classic support but if i try to install it i get a message that my os will be restored . what now
i found on this disk a program named classic support

Classic support are just files to support using an OS 9 system. You need to have an OS 9 disc to install from.
Sorta of similar problem here.

I have PowerMac G4 and the original installations disks are gone. I had 9.0.x installed on it and just purchased and installed OS X 10.4 without remembering that it needed 9.1 first. After installation, classic does not run and I cannot boot back into 9.0 (it just sits there with that silly old mac happy face).

I am okay (for now) with either figuring out a way to run classic or with figuring out a way to boot up off of the original 9.0 files on my disk.

I can probably find someone who has the original 9.1 (or greater) disk but is there any way I can do this on my own without that?

Thanks for your help!

dude i just did that.in 10.x download the update 9.1, then go to system pref. go to start up dusik choose 9.0 then when it restarts update the 9.0 to 9.1
Thanks for the response. That is exactly what I tried but despite all my best efforts I could never ever get MacOS 9.0 to boot after I installed Mac OS 10.4

In the end, I did a whole house search and found my original 9.0 disks. I reinstalled 9.0, upgraded to 9.2.x and then put X back on. Now, everything is working as expected.
yeah so i've got a powermac g4 too and want to install os 9... do any of the os 9 versions work for me? (i'm running tiger now) does it matter whether they say i-book or powerbook or whatever? I was just thinking of buying one on ebay.... is this the right way to go?
Why can't I install OS 9? It won't let me do it by starting up from the disc and it won't let me do it by just opening it in Tiger.. but I have the OS 9.2 install disc.. what am I doing wrong?