os installation - os cd's vs software restore cds


i just got a quicksilver g4 733 a few weeks ago. i want to partitiion
it to have 0s 9 and X on diff partitions (10gb each + 20 gb for other stuff)

i suppose for this i should backup all the docs and apps i have using the
cdr. then i should boot up from the system install cd for 9.2, use the disk
utility to partition the drive... then install 9.2 in one partition.... then boot
up from system install cd for 10 and install X on the other....

but i'm confused ... how different are these installations from using the
system restore disks.... totally in this scenario i'll be using 2 disks ...
but the system restore disks are 4.. so what do i lose out when i
install directly? i suppose abt 700mb is the music collection that comes
with the mac... but theres still one cd to explain...

i was thinking if there is indeed extra stuff...i'll first partition and install
using the 9.2 cd. then install from the restore disks onto the other partition
then copy all the extra stuff before reformatting and installing os x

please advise

also mention abt the partitioning procedure as i have no experience.
disk formats etc??

I have done this with the 733 I have a work. Using the software restore disks are actually faster than installing them from the OS9 and OSX cds. When you install the OS only, you do not get the extra applications, and especially the 650mb of MP3s with iTunes. Other major apps installed with this are iDVD and iMovie.

It only took me about 12-14 minutes including swapping the CDs to install both OS9 and OSX using the software restore. Then I deleted iMovie, iTunes, and iDVD.

I still have not tried out the Hardware Diagnosis CD...