OS Reinstall on Mini - Classic problems

Robn Kester

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Recently had my HD in my Mini (10.3.x) get major problems forcing an OS X reinstall from scratch. (From supplied Mini discs)

I copied all of my files that were salvageable to my external USB drive and then did the nasty task of formatting and reinstalling on the internal Mini's drive.

Once I got OS X installed off the discs that came with my Mini, I installed OS 9 for Classic support.

But, when I opened the System Prefs > Classic, it would not recognize the install of OS 9 as valid, telling me it needed a newer version than I had installed. It did see the OS 9 install that I had copied to my external. So I copied that version to my internal drive and it also failed to work. The only version it sees or recognizes is the old version I copied off the original factory install to the external.

Any thoughts on this? Why it might be happening?

Very frustrating.