OS X.1 security

Oscar Castillo

Recently I was fooling with the screensavers and figured I'd add password protection in the event I'm away from my machine for an extended amount of time. I set the screensaver to kick in after 10 minutes of no activity - waited and sure enough when I moved the mouse then asked me for my password.
Now check this out. My power saver kicks in after 30 minutes, so one evening as I got up to go to dinner I returned and found that the system was inded in power saving mode, but when I touched the mouse it immediately dropped my back to where I was prior to the screensaver activation. It should have left me back at the screensaver password prompt.
So if someone thinks that setting the password on the screensaver will protect your data from prying eyes while you are away, guess again. The energy saver modes competely bypass it. Maybe it'll be 10.1.1 before it's fixed.