OS X 10.1 and webcam?


To my knowledge OS X doesn't support webcam yet.

Has anyone been able to get one to work?

Is it a driver issue or not impliment in OS X yet?
alas... I have had the same problem. I don't see anything in X that would NOT allow the camera to work, I just can't get a driver to make my QuickCam work.

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Which QuickCam do you have? Not too long after I bought mine, Logitech announced they would stop supporting it, even in OS 9. Mine still managed to work in OS 9 (although I haven't tried it in 9.2.1) even though I've heard numerous reports of it not working. I've long since given up expecting drivers for OS X, and am now looking longingly at a FireWire iBot. I believe they plan on having OS X support eventually, if they don't already.


use the classic apps that came with the camera, and it works fine in 10.1 (it didn't work in 10.0.x)


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Has anyone ever gotten a Quick Cam Express to work on any flavour of MacOS?


I had been waiting for something to make my camera work. I saw several people post saying that their Firewire Pyro webcams worked in OS X. Well, I went out and got one. And gues what... IT DIDN'T WORK! heh.

Well, I was annoyed, but figured that drivers would eventually come out.

Well, just recently, I saw that something called DCam WebCam driver came out. So, I downloaded it and gave it a shot, and suddenly all the webcam apps are seeing the camera and working.. :D one Video conferencing app was crashing the chat window when the camera was hooked up tho. Not sure if that is a bug in the driver or the app itself. I'm suspecting it's the app.


So, if you have a webcam that hasn't been working, try this. I think it's for Firewire only, tho... not sure.



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yeah, last I heard kensington sucks b/c they were not going to release MAC OS X drivers...right after I bought the camera too...grrr