OS X 10.1 complaints... STRAIGHT FROM APPLE


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Two big things
1) Complete version of Internet Explorer was promised
-- ok, it has a new startup screen that actually doesn't look like complete ass. But, it doesn't even support Java? Lots of java sites (such as java chat sites) don't even load in Explorer, but in the Classic version of Explorer 5, they work fine! (Well, shittier than on a PC. OS 9 Java was always shittier.) Mac OS X Java is supposed to be as good or better than PC, but it doesn't even load in OS X Explorer???

Also, The new explorer crashes a lot.

2) Applications launch in 1 bounce (or 2) was promised
-- Granted, the big apps such as Freehand, Illustrator, even Explorer, should take longer... but

System Prefs takes 5 bounces! Text Edit takes 4! Explorer takes 6! (Funny though, when explorer crashes (see above) and you open it again, it only takes 2 bounces, which is AWESOME....

Finder relaunch does rock though... (1 or 2 bounces)



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I'm watching the 90 minute seybold Mac OS X 10.1 keynote streaming from Apple's web site... and this guy is demonstrating os 10.1....

and ALL HIS APPS LAUNCH IN ONE BOUNCE!!! Text Edit, Quicktime, Explorer, Everything!!! One Bounce!!!!!!!!!

His window resizing and menus are lightning fast!!!!!!!

The 5G64 I downloaded is not this fast!!!!!! My OS X is faster, sure, but not nearly as fast as this demo!!!!!!!

What's up?? Help, please! Any similar results???????????



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Are you using a dual processor G4? I'd think that Apple would be showing us their top of the line machine and how it works with the new OS.

I, if I ever lay my hands on OS 10.1, suspect that I'll be satisfied with its speed improvements in any case; at least until I can get the aforementioned setup.


Why is this post "straight from Apple"??

Why is everybody so Gung-Ho about application bouncing? Sure it's nice to have fast application launches, but just leave the app open and you'll only have to launch it once!
Good point and i think it illustrates a change in the way we as Apple users interact with the system. I suspect some of us will love it and do already love it. I leave all my frequently used apps open. They open on startup/reboot/login. I never even see a bouncing icon.

Others, as I have seen on other boards, will not accept these changes and will want X to work "just like 9 only better." Well, this isn't 9. It will take some adjustment and I suspect the vast majority of mac users being bright, creative people will eventually make these adjustments. I am equally as certain that some will fight these changes every step of the way and, unfortunately, Apple will cave on some of these issues. One example: The dock AND the menu bar. I only need one. If I need to see the time or date I'll look at a watch or open the clock app. If I need to see how much battery is left or if I want to adjust the volume, let me put those things in the dock or not as I choose.

Small example but it's indicative of the problem.


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I have a Titanium Powerbook G4
But you don't need a dual processor set up to launch TextEdit in One Bounce for god's sake!!! It's improvement is supposed to apply across the entire Apple product line. This is software improvement, it has nothing to do with your hardware, or minimally with hardware.

Now, I know all about Unix protected memory and dynamic memory handling, and I know I can keep ALL my apps open and NEVER shut down my computer with the Unix core and it will never slow down, and only running apps will use whatever memory they need while background apps only take what they can get and still run smoothly due to pre-emptive multitasking.

BUT SCREW THAT... I'm used to quitting apps when I'm done with them. I just like it. And the Apple demo has all the apps launching in one bounce and that's what they promised and this 10.1 build 5G64 I downloaded is not doing it. Now MAYBE the final CD is 5G68??? I sure hope so. Because text edit in 4 bounces is just shit when the apple demo can open every damn application before the first bounce is even finished! I want that!!!

And I'm also used to shutting down my computer. Especially a laptop. Sure Unix can run for 30 to infinity days without crashing or needing a reboot, but I think my laptop gets too hot or I just feel like shutting it down at night. So there. If that wasn't the case, system boot time wouldn't ever be an issue! You could just say "you only have to turn on your computer once, and never see the boot process again!"

All I want to know is why my Finder speed is more than twice as slow as the apple demo... hopefully someone can answer? (Still faster than 10.0.4 by far though...) I'm on a TiBook G4




re: machine getting too hot... put it to sleep. Thousands of people around the world never shut off their desktops and laptops.

re: whining about TextEdit not opening in 1 bounce... I'm sorry you don't feel productive waiting another second to get to TextEdit. You must have a lot of things to type. Maybe you should switch to Windows, you can open and quit WordPad all day long there and then you'll feel like you're getting a lot done...


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dude, it's not about opening text edit in one bounce

It's about the guy doing the apple demo clicking on EVERY app in the dock and they all launched in one bounce. Big difference.


Any ideas why my TiBook G4 with 10.1 5g64 doesn't do it???



on my 5G64, I have only a few apps (OmniWeb for example) which take more than three bounces. IE is there in a half bounce. Same goes for SysPrefs.
Well...the important thing is to move your swap file to another physical disc! I just plugged an old 4 gig SCSI drive into my Quicksilver (which reminds me that my sig is not uptodate ;) and moved the swap file their...you won't believe how this speeds up app launches! And I always update my prebindings, at least once a day. And every evening, I run Drive 10 on all of my drives. Sure, when you fire up the system and you log in, apps take a bit longer, but my Mac runs 24/7 and when it runs for some hours, the apps start with two or one bounce...at least here. I live 5G64...can't wait to get the final 10.1 with iDVD 2!!!



I honestly don't understand your point... would you want Apple to demonstrate on their slowest hardware?

I just don't understand why you are upset.


Hate to sound like a dick but...
You're pirated copy of an unfinished developers release of 10.1 doesn't perform like the (probably) release version they were using at the Expo? What an outrage! (j/k, kinda) ;)

BTW- Almost all apps open in 1-2 bounces on my TiBook 500. That is, of course, after they have been launched once. Most take between 2 and 4 the first time. I didn't see the demo, but if the machine was already running when he began, the apps had probably already been launched once.

And I would think it would make a hell of a difference performance wise if it were being demo'ed on a dually compared to your single proc. Just my $0.02
OK, since you seem stuck to the way you want to do things and not open to simple suggestions... What is your config? Might be useful to know your RAM at least. I have NO problem with speedy launches even on my laptop (Wallstreet). But I have never used anything less than 256MB RAM (laptop) and 512MB RAM (my slowest G4).

Also, the swap file on a separate partition does work wonders...


it's easy...once you launch an app, the system searches the prebindings for the needed libraries it has to load. Once the application gets the quit signal, it removes itself and the needed libraries from the memory, the located prebindings however stay there, so the next time you launch the app, the system doesn't have to look through the prebindings to see which libraries are needed. That's why the first launch always take a bit longer...and I know no operating system where it is different.

We have the shortest launch times from all modern operatings systems (when you compare the same apps of course) and people are still complaining...


My God, solrac you are such a whiner....I've never seen anyone complain so much. First of all, a PowerBook's performance doesn't even come close to the performance of a desktop machine. If you haven't learned that by now, you are never going to. I have a Quicksilver desktop machine, and my launch application, window resizing, and menu redrawing is identical to that shown on Apple's Seybold Demo. Applications take 1 to1/2 a bounce regardless of what I'm opening. Internet Explorer has always sucked, and this version is no different. Surprise...a Microsoft application isn't the premiere application on a computing platform. Welcome to Macintosh you dumbass. Do us all a favor--sell your PowerBook, buy a Windows machine (it shouldn't cost you anything since the Windows hardware is sooo much cheaper especially compared to what you paid for your PowerBook), and get on with your life. The last 2 threads I've read have been nothing but complaints from you, and you're by yourself in your opinions in both. You seem to think Windows will do you better, so you're an idiot to stay with the Mac...well actually you're an idiot anyway in these superficial complaints.


Originally posted by solrac
dude, it's not about opening text edit in one bounce

It's about the guy doing the apple demo clicking on EVERY app in the dock and they all launched in one bounce. Big difference.

Well, get over it. 10.1 is a HUGE improvement over 10.0.x however you twist it, and just because not every app you have opens in a bounce, doesn't mean 10.1 is not better.

Apple showed this on their fastest hardware, and you happen to have a single CPU PowerBook G4. You just can't expect the same speed!

Also, you need to get a little realistic. All the apps Apple showed had of course been started earlier, and when you reload an app it goes much faster.

And as a sidenote: I have a dual usb iBook with 5g64 and it's just incredible. Since I installed it I've been running it 6 straight days, with heavy use, and it'll be funny to see when it'll crash.

BTW, 10.1 is awesome :D Apple has done great improvements during the last 6 months. So just imagine what will happen in the next 6 :)
Speaking of a "big difference," I just installed WinBlows XP on a PC Laptop I have from work...

It sucks.

I'm sure others would put it more eloquently than that and if I cared, I could too. But I don't care and it does suck.

Have fun with this peice of crap rentware you'll have to use once you realize you'll never get your tiBook to go as fast as Apple's top of the line desktops. You could get close to that performance though, if you'd keep an open mind and change - just a little bit - the way you work with your mac... But you don't seem to be interested in making your life easier, just making us listen to your complaints.


heres the news boys and girls.

ADC 5g64 - crappy
RELESE 5g64 -good

it sais that ina document released to aedc members that their version is a prerelease version, and not to be installe don aany mission critical computers.

so stop complaining go to the store buy/upgrade to 10.1 adn THEN come and bitch. but you probably would not have to.


1. Explorer does support Java, it must be turned on...

2. Of course the 5GXX versions don't perform as well as release, they probably haven't even had debug code removed...

Thing's I've heard that sadden me...

- DVD Player support in 10.1 only works on newer machines.

Anyone else hear that?