OS X 10.1 complaints... STRAIGHT FROM APPLE

I know for sure that when IE 6 for Mac is unveiled that Java isn't supported!

Windows XP doesn't support Java, either :(

This is amazing! We're sitting here talking about how many bounces it takes to open an application! Is this going to be the new standard terminology? I can just see it now; "My AppleWorks opens in one Megabounce, how about yours?" Your reply will be, "Gee, thanks for letting me know that. I thought mine was running kind of slow, as it was taking 1.25 Megabounces! What do you think the problem might be?" "Well, you might want to make an adjustment on the kanootin valve, and see what happens, although I wouldn't adjust it more than 1 Megameter." ;-)

This is only the first major release of this OS, and it's going to take a while to sort things out and I'm sure there will be updates, etc., as we go along. It took seventeen years to get this far, so we can't expect everything to be perfect immediately. Besides, we all have wildly different configurations of machines, RAM, hard drive size and speed, etc. Let's let the dust settle awhile.

Peace and Love
I haven't installed 10.1 yet but Java is the 1.3.1 version and most Java Applets on the web were written for 1.1.4 or earlier. It shouldn't be a problem theoretically but I have seen quite a few problems using the Java 1.3.1 plug-in in Mozilla on a PC i.e. that the Applets don't run. 1.3.1 should be backwards compatible but as of Java 1.2 there are security managers implemented which weren't there in earlier versions and I could imagine the VM of the plug-in having a fairly strict default setting which would cause problems with Applets having no security manager.

Also if the Applets are embedded in the HTML using MS's proprietry CAB code base thingy then it will not work and there isn't much you can do.
For those who are complaining about the g4 powerbook (450,500), the speed etc..., I have noticed a difference between the desktop and the powerbook.

The Data Path on a powerbook is 64-bit, where as its desktop equivelent is 128bit.

Would this account for much change in speed