OS X 10.1 Dev Tools


Can anyone get me a copy of the OS X 10.1 dev tools? ADC doesn't have it up yet and I'm only an Online member so I didn't get the mailing. I went against everything I said before and ended up getting 5G64 a few days ago. I couldn't wait any longer. I purchased the PB, purchased 10.0, and I don't know if I'll be around this weekend to get the free update. So I upgraded, and now I'm stuck. I was working on an app and now I can't develop it any further until I get the Dev Tools.

I don't know why Apple hasn't posted them on their site. Apple's whole handling of this situation just sucks. They are making us wait for something that is completed, and making it difficult to get. And now Project Builder is broken -- I shoudl have known the app I've been using the most would break. Typical.

Any help in finding it would be appreciated. I'm so busy the next week and wanted to get some stuff done last night and tonight ... so frustrating.

I, too, am in the same situation, except that I knew that installing 10.1 would break the dev tools, so I'm still using 10.0.4 with a copy of the GM sitting on my desk waiting patiently to be installed, once I can get my hands on the dev tools.

However, I hardly think that it's appropriate to blame Apple for not posting the dev tools for an OS that hasn't been released yet. There is a difference between having the software completed and having the product completed. 10.1 will be available tomorrow, and the dev tools will be posted ASAP after that. This was confirmed by the guy in charge of posting the tools at Apple on the cocoa-dev mailing list. So, they'll be downloadable early next week at the latest.
Where did you buy it? Because I was under the impression that the boxed retail, and the updates sent from Apple contained the dev tools, and that the only updates that didn't contain them were the ones given out for free at the stores.
I ordered the update since I thought the Developer CD wouldnÕt be available with the shop update.
Now it sounds like the developer CD will be available as a download.