<OS X 10.1> Editing Apple menu?


Rusher of Din
Anyone know how I can edit the Apple menu? I would like to add some things.


You can't in OS X. But what you can do is drop either your hard disk icon or a folder filled with aliases into the dock. This will act the same as an apple menu, and you can have more than one.

I like using aliases myself. I made two folders for the dock that I use like the Apple menu. In one folder I put aliases of all the apps in OS X. In the other folder, I put aliases of document folders that I regularly use, so I can get to any document on my hard drive in only two clicks. I even put special icons on the folders so I can tell them apart...I put the OS X applications icon on the app folder, and the documents icon on the documents folder.

Right click the folders in the dock for them to open like the apple menu, or click and hold.

I actually like this set up better than the apple menu, because I can have multiple "apple menus", one for apps, one for docs. It makes navigating the menus easier. Plus they aren't cluttered with all the other system crap that was in the classic Mac OS apple menu. At first I disliked OS X's dock because I missed the Apple menu, but now I've grown so accustomed to it that I like it better than anything in OS 9. OS X rocks!
Sorry, but I don't understand how you got the folders into the dock. I can't figure it out.

just drag the folder's icon over the dock, I think you have to put it near the trach can. Basicly, look for a space to open up between icons while holding the icon on the dock, the let it go. It should stay there.
Ah, got it. It had to be below the seperator bar. Thanks. This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. An expanding folder shooting out horizintally (I keep the dock on the right) from the dock with the same large icons as the rest of the dock would be great, but until something better comes along, this is great.

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Sorry, but I don't understand how you got the folders into the dock. I can't figure it out.


Just drag the folder into the dock. It must be on the side of the dock near the trash can (there is a seperator in the dock, the other side is for apps).

You cannot edit the Apple menu in OS X, although there might be some hacks to do so. But by putting a folder into the dock, it works just like an Apple menu, and you can have several of the folders.

Once the folder is in the dock, just right click on it (control-click on a single button mouse), or click and hold. You get a hierarchical menu just like the Apple menu.

The only thing that I would like Apple to add is the ability to drag an item(s) into folders on the dock, navigate through the hierarchy, and place the item where one choses. It's possible to drop items into folders on the dock, but NOT in any hierarchy within that folder. By holding down Apple key while draggin an item into a folder within the dock, it makes it easier by fixing the position of all the dock icons.

Hope this helps.