OS X 10.1 is iceBook owners' dream come true


Man, 10.1 has made my iceBook about 2x as good as it was just moments before:

1) There is now an option under "Mouse" in System preferences that says "Ignore Trackpad while typing". this totally removes what was previously a major hinderance, always accidentally bumping the trackpad while i was typing and screwing it all up.

2) there is a significant increase in speed on this little G3 500mhz. i won't guess at percentage increase, but now i consider it fast enough to be absolutely acceptable.

3) the menu bar battery monitor is much more effecient and with "show percentage" used, a lot more useful.

4) brightness and volume keys now fully rock. check it out.

5) sleep is super fast and none of the glitches that were there before remain. while playinf mp3 in iTunes, sleep and wake up and music keeps playing right where it left off without a hiccup. no pesky sleep problems.

plus as all iceBook owners know, OS X looks damn good on the iceBook's dense little lcd screen.



ps: picked mine up at the computer store in seattle today, quite a crowd there.
This is great news! I love my ibook dual and OS X does look good on it's screen.

I always wondered why I was having this problem when I type. Seem to notice it most in Entourage but it happens everywhere. This will be really nice.

Can't wait to get my copy from CompUSa tomorrow or Monday. :D
well, before i get too happy one things has popped up. under 10.0.4, when i ws playinf mp3s in iTunes, after 5 mins the screen would go to sleep while still playing the music. this was a great way to save power while still listening to the music. in 10.1 the screen apparently can't sleep while iTunes is playing. damn! i hope this gets fixed or we are given an option.


UPDATE: ok, i figure out a handy solution to this problem that is even better than the set up of before. when you get the music you want playing, just turn the screen brightness to 0 with the brightness keys and it goes black. duh, i'm an idiot. its totally convenient and not reliant upon "sleep"
"faster or slower" oversimplifies the issue. some aspects are faster and some are slower, no doubt. the UI is still a tad slower (no doubt to how much more refined and developed it is graphicaly) but some things like sleep and wake are faster. i would say that app launching is defnitely faster. to me, faster or slower is not nearly as important as fast enough, which 10.1 is. i never feel like i am waiting for it to catch up like i used to.

can anyone confirm for me that the "Ignore trackpad while typing" feature is new in OSX 10.1?


I'm not sure if you want to know if it's IN 10.1 or just new in 10.1, but I believe the answer to both is YES.

It's definatly included in 10.1, I have it enabled on my iBook and it's gonna be a lifesaver. As for being a new feature in 10.1, I'm almost most positive it wasn't in 10.0.4 and I know for a fact it wasn't in 9.1
Am reading on other posts that DVD playback under 10.1 is supported for the Pismo Powerbooks (whew, that means my wife's PB can stay in OS X full time now!). We can get by in 9.1, but it tends to crap out consistently 2/3 through the movie...

I've been considering a purchase of a new iBook to replace my Vaio and am wondering how DVD playback for the iBook under 10.1?

I tested Saving Private Ryan on my iBook in 10.1 and it ran beautifully. A bit grainy at full screen, but what do you expect from a laptop? Seriously, it worked great ... I don't think you would be disappointed although you may want to bring a DVD over to your local CompUSA or Apple store and just ask the salesguys if you can try it out. Just to see if it suites your needs.