OS X 10.1 keeps logging me out


I upgraded to 10.1 this weekend and really like the changes. I'm using a G4 Tower with dual 450s / 512 MB RAM.

The one nagging issue I have is that the system keeps logging me out. I have the screen saver set for 5 minutes (basic black) and the energy saver set to turn off the monitor after 10 minutes and never sleep the computer nor the hard drive.

If I go away and come back in under 30 minutes, the system seems fine. It wakes up and asks me for the password (I have the screen saver set to require password). Unfortunately, after 30 minutes or so, when I wake up the computer, its at the login screen. When I log in, all my programs have to restart (ie, I was definitely logged out and not asleep). Very, very annoying. Once it even cost me a download.

Any idea why this is happening? Couldn't find anything under the screen saver or the enegery saver settings.


Ken Linger
I have the same problem. Mine only started a few days ago. I am not sure what changed.
I would love to get an answer to this problem.
I had the same problem, and have now solved it.

Go to System Preferences, then Security, and untick "Log out after 10 minutes of inactivity".

My thoughts exactly...

Solved only if OS X 10.1 being a very primitive version, even had that feature in System Preferences-Security.