OS X 10.1 versus OS X Server 10.1


So, can anyone enlighten me to the differences ?

Is the OS X Server 10.1 simply OS X 10.1 with a bunch of pre-compiled server apps ? Or is there some fundamental difference ?

Lets say I installed Apache on OS X 10.1 -- would be the same as Apache running on Server 10.1 ?

All the software they list (Samba, Apache, blah blah) seems to be opensource except WebObjects ?

Have they crippled OS X 10.1 to not be able to act as a server efficiently ?

OS X client already comes with Apache so you don't have to install it. But from what I can tell, the server version is just 10.1 with some administration apps, more netinfo tools, PHP and some other Apache mod's installed, and WebObjects.

There might be more to it, but that is all I can see that is diffrent. I think it also comes with a higher level of support from Apple (atleast I would hope so, since its suppost to be closer to Enterprise class).