OS X 10.1!


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Head on over to http://www.macrumors.com for links to Mac OS X 10.1 screen shots! SlyGuy posted and said that they had actually used it and that it was going to out in August, but I still think that it'll be at MWNY. He said a friend of his had it installed on a older PowerBook because his large company got it for testing. Wouldn't that mean it's ready to ship?!
First of all, when I click the link (MacOSRumors.com) in IE it crashes.

When I switch to OmniWeb, the link works, but I click the link on the page and it's not found.

If YOU can see the pictures, you have to upload them!
I sure hope you're happy, there's a lot of pics, and they're big. I put them in the next messages.
It works now. I am in OW and the link worked..

Now, about the pic of the Dock Options (The one with the Minimize effect) that part that says "Suck Effect (Need better name)" makes me think, maybe it's fake, or Apple has a sense of humor...
Good thing you got it; it yelled at me because the pics were too big, so I would have had to stuff them...

I also think they're kind of fake. I noticed that two pictures of the Dock's location menu changes between the pictures. On one, it's the way it is now, with the Pin and Orient sub-menus. On the other, there's a Location sub-menu that has both pinning and orientation, and then there's a menu with the minimize effect. If these are the same build, how could that be...?

I sure hope they're real!
If they are real.. There is a better chance of 10.1 being at the Expo.. But if not, we'll have to wait Longer. I don't think I can. I can't wait any longer. Just look at the last two weeks! They've been dragging on forever! ;)

At least those Japanese Fonts Steve made such a big deal about actually got used! (On that web page) I was beginning to think they weren't real. Hehehe...

There'd better be more changes than that, though.

[Edited because I found out how to do the effects and didn't need to ask anymore]
Originally posted by Jasoco
If they are real.. There is a better chance of 10.1 being at the Expo.. But if not, we'll have to wait Longer.

Yeah. But I think they're real, because of how many sites have posted the same style of pics, but they were all different. What I mean is that if a bunch of sites posted screen shots they got off other sites, you would expect the pics to be the same (duh). But since they are all slightly different, then I'll buy it. Also, slyguy said he used it, which is more evidence.

BTW, what the heck the half circle under the icons in the Dock mean? It was in the screen shots since they were posted on Think Secret, and I can't figure out what they mean. But there are folders in the left side of the Dock, and they always have had a half circle under them...