OS X 10.2 Codename Taja


I'm already running the beta of X11 (release 6)

But seriously, I almost knew for certain that this post would show up today or tomorrow.

Heh, sorry if I sound hostel... I'm all kooped up in the dorm room.

BTW, in X11, the dock has 3 dimentions, and you roll it arround using Apple's new dual-optical mouse (the one with the optical pad that you wave your index finger over). Even text in omni web 8 is anti-alised. The mouse is also now a 3d mouse. And those system sounds from os9 are back, and yes, they are still annoing after the first few days. My desktop background is transparent - yes, it lets me see behind my lcd screen (looks great when the space ship turns to view Earth).

The speed is almost as fast as os9.5 was. I wish Adobe would realease photoshop soon.... even Mickysoft has realeased their version (ePhoto) for Macintosh (as well as for windows XPeePee Pro).

Did I mention that the included extacy algorithm included with iTunes isn't working as well as it did in 10.6? And X11 doesn't take into effect the Bozian principal when I time travel (adjustment for the Bozian-space difirential system).

Greek characters still don't work, and now I don't have permission to log out, but thats ok. So far, uptime is about 23 Earth days.

The included speech recognition has trouble picking up my cat's voice, but I hear Apple is working hard with IBM to come out with a better version of vKeyboard.

Oh, and get this, the finder can't operate with more than 5 screens at 3280x2440, which sucks for 360 degree Quake 5 action.

Ok, I'm going to go and take my medication now ;-)
Just remember - when you're figuring out what time you should take your medication, you have to reckon with the Alham-Bozian temporal kidney displacement effect. And, as you say, the Finder clock is no use for figuring that out.

Last time I went to ancient Egypt, I forgot to bring my conversion sheets, and that was when I figured out (the hard way) that the Finder doesn't account for the Bozian principle. I'm sure you can imagine the extent of the kidney displacement going back to ancient Egypt. It was a fun trip, but I just about got my camels stolen, and the headache afterward was terrible.
Apple has been working for over ten years on Mac OS X. It seems as if they've been rushing things and the fact that 10.2 is already under development baffles me. I think Apple is working a bit too fast, I understand they want to get ahead in competition, being just a month until XP comes out, but 10.1 seems fine. I don't have it yet, afterall it just came out yesterday, but I'll have it soon. The movies and the new OS X site at apple.com shows some good info that declares it the OS of the year. Anyway, getting to my finner point, I was wondering if I could get some screenshots of the upcoming 10.2 "Taja" beta, if any of you have some. Also, if anyone has info on how to become a beta tester (well of course, otherwise how would u know all about the os) please send that to me also.
Hmmm 10.2 in beta....I believe that's for upcoming G5's. They are supposed to support better performance in the G5 or something like that. That's what I heard. Motorola confirmed that they are beginning production of 800, 900, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 GHz G4 cpus....I'm not sure of that tho...But then...Can't wait for G5. It's gonna be killer speed for sure.
I'm pretty sure Motorola did not comfirm that at all.

Philosophy 101: Don't get your hopes up, keep your hopes down and you will never be dissapointed. :D
I haven't actually time traveled (other than my daily commute to work) since the Temporal Cold War. The main reason is that, even though the war is over, it is still happening in the future, which I can't explain.

Well, my great grand father, Kilowatt the third might be able to (he is named the third due to a bizzar accident with a time traveling service on Planet Redmondus (which is of course due to it running windows xz). The program tried to compute the answer to an unanswered question due to a glitch in its pipes screen saver that was running on the terminal)

And, yes, I did (or do, depends on your view point and temporal off set) read The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

See, I was reading it, then I put it down, and went back in time, so therefore, I have read it, just not yet.

(more medication to follow, Scruffy, you were right, I went by the wrong clock and under-dosed my self with the hyper-spray)
Ooooh, yeah, I just saw an the video news from msnbc/aol/time/warner and confirmed by ABC/Disney/Hershey/CitiBank/Chase/Morgan that microsoft has already begun work copying the not yet released MacOS update (r17) for use in their terminal routers at Verizon/Bell which for all intents and purposes is a wholy owned subsidiary of microsoft.

So yeah, the rumor on the street is that Apple is going to leak a hoax build with all sorts of stuff done just plain wrong to let the microslobs copy anything they want, and continue slaving away on the real update in secrecy even longer.

Well, anyway, I'm just glad that when the Binars came, they didn't side with microsoft. Boy would that have been a mess. But really, did they need to add even more R&D to Sun/AMD? They already run all sorts of stuff that we won't comprehend for anothre genoration. We need some aliens to help them with their user interface. After all, the only people who can use Suns are the Binars anyway.

Oh, and I just got the tactile pad vertical displacement display/pointing device to replace my mouse. It's really sweet for surfing for pron. :)
Of course 10.2 is already in development. 10.3 and 10.4 are probably in development too. When you are developing an ongoing project such as an operating system you don't just come up with a few goals and set all your engineers to it. The proper way is to come up with a bunch of goals, split your engineers up. Then when someone decides a timeframe, you decide which features you will be capable of delivering, and set more engineers to it, and keep a few developing the technologies that will appear in the future. Of course, it doesn't hurt to set a couple engineers aside to just play around and see if they come up with things.
Originally posted by BBenve
I guess some people do really post to see their post number go up....anyway :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes

Naw, I was just excited about the new star trek series, and was in that frame of mind. I could care less about my post number, really, its not a motivating factor.

I don't know what I would do with a fish tank... I hate giving fish tanks with just bublers in them, as apposed to a waterfall with a good water filter in it. And besides, this dorm room is cramped as it is ;-)

Back on topic, what about 10.1.1 and 10.1.4 and such? Oh well, I guess its all a matter of perspective, as to what numbering scheme to use and such Like mtc7501 said, of course they are allready developing this stuff.

I bet apple has stuff beyond our dreams just waiting to be released.
4 winds blow over the g4 cube of the days gone bye, silly little slings are off in Treepod. The timing could not be better for the NeXT Sock, a 3 pronged lilly wafer of green blingo. And the Bill doppelganger with the new AMD Slipperions runs after time in the rancid clingo. In the mean time on the forset moon of Endo little shlumpa loompas run drunk and free with the smoke of beos crops.

Do you see the point of this crass dogs and lizzard dung? It's all ding dongs and rusty ram in the teabag warp zac. peace
OS X 10.2 is NOT code-named Taja! Many sites, including thinksecret.com and appleturns.com AND mosr.com have tagged it correctly with a codename of Jaguar.

I am skeptical about this person's sources.

(Whoop, yeah, I did mistake 10.1 for 10.2. Thanks to the user below for noting this.)
Originally posted by simX
OS X 10.1 is NOT code-named Taja! Many sites, including thinksecret.com and appleturns.com AND mosr.com have tagged it correctly with a codename of Jaguar.

I am skeptical about this person's sources.

Mistaken OS X 10.1 for OS X 10.2? I think so. I'm excited about the future server versions, and wonder if it will steal NT's marketshare.

Also, as a side note, I've never tried to figure it out as I have only played on OS X for a little while, but is it possible to turn off shadows of windows and menus and stuff in ther finder???
Originally posted by mtc7501
Of course 10.2 is already in development. 10.3 and 10.4 are probably in development too.

I'm sure you are not a developer yourself or you haven't worked on any bigger ongoing project. You set goals for future version but you don't develop on features which are going to be in a three versions later. That's not how it works. Comapanies have different ways of doing things but this is not how it works at a bigger company like Apple. Microsoft is not coding on Office 2005 right now...
Sorry, but gotta ask Kilowatt...will that work on my LC 475? I really hope that Apple will support my LC 475, it totally blows the latest dual processor g4's away, since I put the Powerlogistics 333MHz G4 upgrade in it. I also upgraded the RAM to 32 MB...baby...this machine rocks.

Anyhow...if Apple is really working on this, that is cool...they did an amazing job with 10.1. If they address some issues in 10.1, and possible do some more optimizations and touch ups to the system, I will be one happy LC 475 camper.
Actually I am already happy.
Mac OS X really rocks.

I am pretty sure that Mac OS X (or any versions, even Darwin) won't work on machines lower than a G3. That includes G3 upgrades, so I don't think you're in luck. I'm not sure about this one, but I don't think you can install it on the original beige G3s, although I may be wrong on that one.
:rolleyes: of <i>course</i> it'll work on his LC 475 ...where have you been? Don't you know that in ten years, Apple starts naming the new computers after the old ones? Personally, I'm waiting for the Lisa to come out. I hear that one's going to blow everything else out of the water!