os x 10.3, boot failure



Yesterday I was in the middle of downloading a software update and accidentally pulled tghe plug (literally). I now cannot boot into OS X.

When I boot I get the apple chime, then a gray screen with the apple icon and spinning gear...here it sits for ever!

I CAN boot into single user mode and I run fsck -fy, this fixes a problem, I then run again and it reports OK.

I reboot......and the same apple icon and spinning gear.

I CANNOT boot into safe mode (I hold down the left/right/both) shift key when I first hear the apple chime, and the apple icon and spinning gear appears...but no safe mode!

When I boot into single user mode I can see all data on my disk (ls in directories).

Not sure what else to do. I have lost my panter cd's, in a house move.

If buying Tiger is the only option can I boot from it and then repair my disk. Or boot from it and upgrade my OS without harming my data??

If this is viable I will do it..

Thanks in advance

doing a verbose mode bootup i get to this stage and it hangs:

Checking disks
/etc/rc: line286: 122 Hangup System starter -gr ${VerboseFlag} ${Safeboot}
UniNEnet::monitorLinkStatus - Link is up at 100Mbps - Full Duplex
IP packet filtering initialized, divert enabled, rule-based forwarding enabled, default to accept, logging disabled
IPv6 packet filtering initialized, default to accept, logging disabled
IP firewall loaded
Try booting from the CD and repairing the disk from there.(Repair Disk, not Repair Permissions).

If that doesn't do it, DiskWarrior may be your friend. It repaired my installation when I unplugged in target disk mode before unmounting.