os x 4L7


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So, don't ask me why, but just with 4L5, i don't really see any improvement with my system, or anything wrong for that matter (anything new that is). seems to be trucking along just fine.

Any one else notice anything?
I'll tell you one thing that i did notice with 4L7 that was different. The finder actually remembers now that I had my last finder window open as column view, and it opens that way each time now. It did not before. Other than that, i dunno.
Actually, I'm still on 4k78 (i.e., the untainted final), and the Finder can remember stuff like this already. There's an article in Ars Technica that says that the Finder remembers window states if the tool bar is showing. I'm not to sure about that, since I haven't really been paying attention that greatly. However, all my windows have been opening up pretty consistently in column view for the past couple of days.

-Bruce Adcock
When I was running 4K78 it did not remember when I was in column view and would always default back to icon or list.

And on 4L7, the sig says it all.
4L7 is just 4L5 with added printer drivers. If it was differen't the about this mac would call it OSX 10.0.11 or something even more rediculous. I can't see any difference at all with my computer.
There are some differences between the two versions. Also it wouldn't be called 10.0.11 because these are the builds that will become the 10.0.1 update that is released officially.
Well I just found out from a friend that these are builds of OS X being seeded to those in the Apple Software Seeding program. He was shocked that I had it already because he had just received it as a seeding member.

So one of the Seeding members is the one responsible for the leak.