Os X? 9.1?


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I'm about to buy a new iMac (See basic specs in my sig) and it has OS X pre-installed. I havn't decided if I like it better than 9.1 yet, and I know it runs the older apps slower. Is there a way to boot into 9.1?
...this in the other thread you posted in, cos I didn't see this one! 9.1 is an important part of OSX, because you need it to run Classic apps. Pre-installed X boxes tend to have X and 9.1 installed on the same partition, I think (mine did). It's just a case of choosing a different system folder to start up from under 'Startup Disk'. I think you'll find there are plenty of people here who don't find X is quite ready for it to be their primary OS yet. But whatever, i totally recommend having a play and making up your own mind before you decide against using X full-time.
Of course you can boot into 9.1 [actually, its 9.2]. On the new systems you can hold in the option key during boot up time to switch disks, or you can just use the startup disk control panels in both OSX and OS9.