os X and IPSec


I think os X said that it supports IPSec. Does anyone know how to use the IPSec features of os X? I want to try to use PGPnet to run secure tcp connections to my os X machine over IPSec.
I sure don't know, but if you discover anything on your own, please share it with us.

I think it is just an API at this point. So if you know anything about IPSec and Cocoa, and can find the documentation on Apple's developer site...
If I could get IPSec working so that I can communicate with my Checkpoint Firewall and SecuRemote, I could ditch my Thinkpad. The tiBook would go from a toy, to my main machine

Anybody know if the code from the BSD "kame" project ( http://www.kame.net ) has hope of running on OS/X?

Even better would be if Checkpoint would release SecuRemote clients for anything other than wintel. I understand that pgpNet for OS9 works with VPN-1, it is almost enough to make be fall back to OS9 for a little while.