OS X and mouse acceleration


I've switch some couple of months ago. It's great...

However the mouse movements of OS X is really terrible in mine hoble opinion. It's really not so good how the mouse should work. Windows is doing a far more better job in this!

Does there exists any tools so that mine Bluetooth (not usb) Apple mouse will behave like the mouse movements in Windows? There isn't any option in OS X to disable the acceleration.
Go to system preferences and select keyboard & mouse. There's a tracking speed option under the mouse tab. Not sure if it's the same for bluetooth because I use usb.
i can't stand it either, but i have a mircosoft usb mouse ( only because ms's mice and keyboards are the only ones that i have found that work with no problems with my mac and win xp box on a kvm ) and installed the itellipoint software and told it to use it instead of apple's and it went away. maybe you can download it from ms and see if it will work with your mouse, even though your mouse is bluetooth. no pain in trying.
I have tried many different drivers and different makes of mouses. I now use a WACOM tablet as this gives direct mouse movement. I have used a PC for so long I found the Mac mouse acceleraiton almost impossoble to use and there is no simple way to turn it off. Even USBOverdrive didn't do it for me. The best mouse I found was a USB Kensington pocket mouse. All software solutions seem to fall over if you use fast user switching so I went for a tablet in the end. This has been good enough to stop me throwing my Mac out the window. I think Apple should make it easier for Windows switchers like me though.
I think the acceleration is a more 'natural' behaviour, and Apple doesn't really want the mouse/trackpad to feel any different - so I guess they simply won't add that 'feature'... I also think that Windows' default isn't to use no acceleration, so for most switchers, the problem is rather that they'd like more speed and acceleration for the mouse cursor...
I've tried everything...even the MS drivers...they simply don't work for a bluetooth mouse.

It's a big shame that many people complain about the behaviour of the mouse movements in OS X. But Apple or anyone else doesn't sort this problem out.

The ONLY program that does do the job is SideTrack (even USB overdrive does not solve this problem!). But SideTrack is only available for iBooks and PowerBooks. This program has a Redmond acceleration function.