OS X and OS 9 separate drives



Part of my family is not ready for the OS X experience. I bought a second IDE drive to install OS X on. My question is this:

Can OS X boot off of the slave drive (1st partition of that drive) or must it be off the boot partition of the master drive? That way I can leave the families current OS 9 evnrionment completely as is.

If they must be switched, can I use the System Disk under OS X to choose to boot off of the other disk (which would be the slave and in this case be the existing OS 9 Disk which is currently the master)? Meaning wll OS 9 boot off of the slave IDE drive or will this be a problem too?
That's a good question. I seem to remember that the PB had to be installed on the Master. Is there anything in docs about this? I'd look myself but I haven't bought OS X yet.
It should not matter which drive you make the slave. Either the old Apple drive or the new one (it is ultra ATA, right?) can be master or slave.

Just take your existing Apple master drive and make it a slave. Keep OS 9.x there. Make the new one the master and install OS X there...

This might just be voodoo on my part, but I always zap the PRAM whenever I move drives like this. I tend to think that will help reduce the Mac's confusion as to what is where.