OS X and Russian fonts/keyboard mappings.


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I am looking for a cyrillic keyboard driver for mac os x so that I can type in Russian/Lattin for language homework. I have some for OS 9.1 but these will not work in OS X I understand. Does anyone know how to/where to get hold of such a driver or if apple are going to make one? They made one for system seven.


same is the problem for greek.
If you have classic, and you use a classic application, you can type in russian. The fonts DO exist, but the keyboard layout does not, yet. Apple will be making one soon (hopefully)

Thanks very much! I should have thought of that in the first place! Do you think that Apple will make the keyboard layouts? I am told that certain countries aren't allowed to purchase G4's because they are classed as a 'super computer', and that Russia or the former USSR (or whatever they call it now) is one of these places.

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He he he...
I think that that is *crap* ;)
The countries that are in that embargo if you wish are North Korea, Cuba, and some middle easter countries. Russia is in the clear I think. Besides, do only russian in russia speak, read and write russian ?? Hell no! There are people like myself that study languages, there are russian students abroad, there are people who are from russian descent that speak the language and so on, sooo... I think apple will make a keyboard layout eventually (I hope they get crankin' soon because I want to migrate to OS X and I cant do so until some keyboards are in place :p ... I dont want to use classic apps in order to write in greek or any other language)

If apple doesnt make em soon, I think some ingenuine user will make em.
(if I knew how to make one I would lol.... where are the tech specs on making one ???
lemme at it! :D)