OS X boots into OS 9 after crash


Hmm sometimes if my machine would lock up I would have to force reboot it, and it will reboot into OS 9. Has anyone seen this happen? It happened with all builds of the OS X release. :(

On a side note, I have since reinstalled and haven't had any freezes, unsure of the nature of the freeze. I could get it to occur by opening up classic apps that use TCP/IP, specifically MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Real Player.

I would get a never ending rainbow cursor. Could not ping or SSH. The only recourse was to hard boot it.

Has anyone rebooted their computer and ended in OS 9? :/
Although this particular issue has never occured with me, I would suggest zaping the PRAM which will of course boot you into Classic, but then see what happens when you crash, if you crash in OS X. You may want to look into why OS X is crashing...ultimately it shouldn't be happening.

Correct, it shouldn't. All of my crashing has been Classic-based. I almost never use Classic now. Plus, this started in 10.0.4. I reinstalled clean and it's fine now. It was happening a lot.. Not fun. :(