OS X causing psuedo-memory trouble in OS 9/Classic


Ever since I installed OS X 10.1 a few of my classic programs won't function properly. Photoshop 6 is where I first noticed it. When I try to choose "File:Open" or "File:Save As..." it tells me that I don't have enough RAM.

I can double-click PS documents or drag them onto Photoshop and they open, but no "File:Open". Nothing has changed except that I installed OS X 10.1

iTunes (OS 9)

those are a few others that are affected. Some give a memory error, others just basically ignore the command altogether. They don't work when I boot to OS 9, and they don't work in Classic.

*these two are carbon applications. they work fine in OS X.

Older applications that I have don't seem to be affected. (Illustrator 8, Photoshop 5.5, SoundEdit, Bryce 4, SimpleText [there's a big one]) That is the "weird but not-so-weird at the same time" part.

I monkeyed around with CarbonLib since OS X installs a new one (hey, I was desperate). That didn't help. I disabled extensions, threw away prefs, rebuilt desktop, zapped PRAM, reinstalled applications, reinstalled OS 9, turned virtual memory ON, etc. Hell, i even slapped the monitor a few times for good measure (and no, that didn't help either).

When I boot from my old OS 8 CD everything runs fine all over again.

this part written in anguish: damnit OS X! i love you, but why do you have to hurt me so much (they say we are hurt the most by those we love the most i guess) :(

"he who laughs in hard times has found someone to blame it on"