OS X CD boot problem


I got my CD from Apple today (at last!).

My problem:

I can't boot from the CD. Of course, I tried restarting holding the C key down. However, all I get is several minutes-worth of CD thrashing noise (like its trying to read the CD), and a blank, unlit screen. Eventually the thrashing halts, and I'm left with a blank screen, and the only restart option is to cut the power at the socket (not a good idea, I know, but no choice).

My firmware is updated; I'm stumped!

My set-up:

iMac rev.A (233Mhz)
2 partitions: 2GB OS 9.04, 2GB HFS+ formatted (but former OS 9 items discarded).
Voodoo2 perch slot video card

All help & advice greatly appreciated.

I hate to break it to you, but the only thing I can think of to suggest is to take out the Voodoo card. When my machine boots off of the CD, it takes several minutes of thrashing the CD to finish booting. From your description, it sounds like the booting is working, but you have no video. All signs point to removing the Voodoo card.


adavidw -

Thanks for your reply. That makes sense. I'd rather not have to remove the card completely, so tonight I'll try simply disconnecting the video cable from the Voodoo card, and connecting it to the original ATI card, which (I think) is still installed. Hopefully this'll work.
I have a G4 Dual0450 with a 6g OSX partition on a 30g drive, and a DVD-RAM. I have been trying to install OSX all day (from a legit CD, not a copy) The CD boots the machine... lots of noise, then usually a blank blue screen. The last time, hitting the Enter key after 10 minutes of blank screen caused a restart...