OS X final & language kits


Simply Daemonic
I have been looking around the net for news on OS X final and they seem to be everywhere
these days after Macworld.
I have seen that OS X will be in french, english. german, italia, spanish, japanese, and a couple of other european languages. Nowhere have I found Greek or Cyrillic. Does anyone know if these 2 language kits are going/are implemented on OS X ?



Apple sells in most countries of the world. It's a safe bet to say that whatever LKs (and language versions of Mac OS) are available now will also eventually be available in X, though maybe not in time for the first release.

Gujariti is one that comes to mind.

And forget 'Language Kits'. Part of the wonderful world of UNIX is that it's a multi-lingual native!

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What they didn't say is if all those languages will come in one unique package or we will have different versions for every country.

I am working in Spain, but the company has half of the workers that speak English and the other half in Spanish. The problem is not the language but buying Mac OS in English. The Spanish version is available everywhere, but the English one takes forever to come to stores...

If they create a unique CD with all the languages that will be great... and if you can switch languages on the fly that will be heaven :)


Public Beta and 4K17 have all languages in the same CD and this can be changed on-the-fly... I suppose it will be the same for the final release... Moreover English and Spanish are two very important languages, and in any case they will be with defaults languages in the OS X CD.

I think future is beautiful for you and your company...


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You are right, future looks bright. Now I must hope all the other software developers do the same and we can have a unique package with all languages. This will make updates faster, easier and more straightforward.

An example to demostrate what I am saying:

Now we have update 9.0.2 for Adobe Illustrator, but only for US MacOS... the Spanish version will come out a couple of months later (if we are lucky). With MacOS X all this could change. I am looking forward to it :)