OS X freezups


Simply Daemonic
Hi to all.
After being away from my OS X box for a month or so, I got more RAM, installed it and turned it on. After the login screen it froze on me :eek: .. I rebooted, I loged in without a freeze up, and then when I was browsing though my HD..it froze up again! :eek: .. after that I rebooted and played around with it with no prob... but I was wondering if others have had freeze up experiences :)

it'll sometime takes awhile for it to get used to the new ram. it has an allergic reaction or something :)

if it keeps happening, try opening the box up & wiggling the ram modules a bit.
I have a client who has a G3/450 that was doing the same thing, it turn out to be sim-matched RAM (DIMMs of different speeds). You could try pulling out the two old DIMMs, and just using the 2 256 MB DIMMs you just got to see if that helps.
I've also seen cases where simply re-ordering ram fixed problems - just swap them around from slot to slot.