OS X GM? 5G64.


Unofficial Mac Genius
If www.appleturns.com is at all accurate (and they have proved true in the past), OS X build 5G64 is now officially golden master, as of this morning. Can anybody verify and/or tell of their experience with OS X 10.1 GM?

-- simX
i do have 5G59 now

If anyone gets hands on the GM, email me: spencer@txk.net

and ill give you access to my carracho server ;)

oh yeah, id also like to know what info anyone has on the GM too.

Im waiting on my RAM, HD, and adapter to come in before i upgrade to 10.1
lol :p
Can I have an uber-password and come download like crazy ??? :p
(man your server has LOTS of traffic! :eek:!!)