OS X - Good Game Platform?

OS X - Good Gaming System

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Is OS X a good system to play games on, in your personal opinion?
Personally I think it's great! But what do you think?
um, no offense, but what games? im usually a big time gamer (or atleast was) and im having trouble finding some games, other than the little sharware ones that would run on an organizer. mind posting a few? ;) the only big game that ive tried is Unreal Tournament ( the beta ) and that didnt go over too good, but i have no idea if that has to do with (in my opinion) not very good supported video card (radeon 32m ddr), the os, the app, or my computer. the only other thing that ive tried is the wolfenstein beta, and for some reason my monitor displays certain things real dark, so i couldnt really see anything to give an evaluation. well, if you post some, awsome! otherwise, i havnt had much luck.

btw, for referrence, i have a g4 single 400 agp (sawtooth) with 704 ram.

and yes, i read the read me for the unreal beta and saw the part where they said that it might not work on some machines, but im just saying i get crappy gameplay for reasons unknown to me (actually, it wouldnt let me click to get out of the intro, or to go into any menu's, so i couldnt actually PLAY the game, just watch that stupid movie at the beginning [which took forever cause it was getting like 3 fps] and quit the program).
There's another thead in this forum made by me called "Upcoming Games" go read it...it tells a lot of upcoming/released games for OS X.
Yeah, OS X is great for games, just as long as the games don't require Classic...for instance, I loved playing American McGee's Alice and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 in OS X, but trying to play my good ol' Quake 3 was a nightmare.
I voted yes, but I think it's hilarious that three people that have no opinion on this subject took the time to vote "No Comment At This Time". BWAHAHAHA!
Originally posted by themacko
Well, if you haven't played (m)any games on OSX yet, then you don't really have an opinion.

But then why vote??!!! Sillio-s.

Also, commercial X games that I've played & loved:
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
American McGee's Alice
The Sims
The Sims Livin Large
voted no comment because i havent yet tested any games on 10.1 yet

i will try tonyhawk 2 or alice soon, and Q3A sometime very soon
When it comes to the number of games available for OS X, I'd say that OS X is lacking, but those that have been ported shine in OS X.

Game developers have been quietly shipping Carbonized versions of their games for OS X already.
Tony Hawk 2, Tropico, Quake III, The Sims games, Alice, Oni, and others are all "officially" OS X supported with carbonized or cocoaized versions, some right out of the box.

Even such classics like Starcraft are being ported (new news!) and its pretty obvious that OS X shows alot of promise for gaming in the future.

The better OpenGL implementation in OS X, which was well supported by ID's very own John Carmack, makes OS X worlds better than OS 9. Not to mention the more advanced memory management and multithreading that is becoming more and more essential for more demanding games.

Unreal Tournament beta doesn't work with my 733 G4 with GeForce 3 and 10.1, but i suspect that it has much to do with the new video card drivers in 10.1 and will soon be resolved i hope.

Gaming in OS X is great. When done right, games play smoother with fewer pauses and crashes.