Mac OS X
256 M of RAM

I just finished reinstaling my computer from the APPLE RESTORE CD, upgrading that to 9.1 and the installing OS X.

Everything seemed to work grat but if i try to run CLASSIC (or any 9.1 application like WORD), I get the following error:

There is no volume with a system folder that supports starting Classic. Please install Mac OS 9.1 or later

As I stated before 9.1 is installed and I can boot into 9.1 with no problem. I just can't run classic (9.1) from inside OS X.

It might be important to mention that I have completed all of the system updates. I am running 10.0.3.

Thanks in advance

Antonio Orrantia
Go into the control panels and click on the classic one.
There it will search for classic folder that it can boot off of.
If a folder comes up, just click once on it to select it, and then
click on the button to startup classic.

If nothing comes up, then there is a problem. What you need to do
is go to a machine that has 9.1 installed and have the OS 9.1 base load up
(i.e. only OS 9.1 control panels, exntensions and so on).

Make a copy of that system folder and take it to your machine, and name that new system folder "91 sys fol" or something similar to that so you know what it is, but it wont conflict with your existing one. Then when you go to the classic control panel again (in OX X) you should see this new folder as a valid OS 9.1 folder and you can start up classic.

Incidentally this is how I got classic to work.

I do not have access to another computer with 9.1. Is there any way to install another 9.1 SYSTEM FOLDER directly from the CD of 9.1 that came with OS X????

Or maybe is there a way to fix he problem without having to set up a second folder???


I take it you have OS 9.1 and OS X on the same disk partition? (I think that's how the restore CD lays things down.)
I dont know. I am fairly new to the mac, I am experienced INTEL and UNIX/LINUX user.

I would think thy are in the same partition. As you already know I used the RESTORE DISK (I think it is OS 9.0.4) and then I used the 9.1 disk (that came with OS X) to upgrade to 9.1 and then I installed OS X. I did not partion or repartition my hd.