OS X just hangs on install


I have a G4, I updated the firmware, I updated to OS9.1, I go to install OS X and my machine just hangs when I reboot the machince to install OS X. I get the rainbow curosor in the upper left hand corner of my monitor...then nothing...I can boot the machine back into OS9.1...help! lol

System Config:
OS 9.1
320 MB RAM
40G HD
Do you have any third party PCI cards in your machine?

If so...

When I first tried installing it on my B/W G3 it wouldn't start up from the install disk.

The reason for this being that I have an Adaptec SCSI card installed.

Rather than removing the card, I just plugged the SCSI connector for my CD writer into the back and everything went fine from there on in.

If not .. worth a try!