OS X keyboard shortcuts


Hi all,
I have been using osx for 2 days and I really like it. now I am having a problem hope you experts can help me - how do I define(configure/customize/whatever) keyboard shortcuts? for example I want to make the Fn key (with option/ctrl/apple) on top to launch my apps. I tried for hours without any luck :(
I am pretty new to Apple, but I think those Fn keys are not just there for nothing.

well you are right, they serve a purpose.
In pre X macOSs your culd assign apps (via the keyboard control panel) to them, but in OS X I have not found a way to do so yet. Maybe apple left it out (in which case I think they made a mistake)

checkng with acsii equivalents in os x, i found something weird with the equivalents of the function keys:

f1: recognized as the "z" key (yes, the letter z)
f2: "x"
f3: "c"
f4: "v"
f5-15: recognized as ascii#16, which is just a blank box...

i guess apple hasn't written a full driver to recognize these keys...
i'm guessing that they should have it for 10.1.