OS X Logon


I've done the following:

Using the Admin-Tool Net(something) I changed my Logon-Name (leaving everything else the same). Then I logged out and tryed to log in again:

Now if i log in with the new Name, the Logon-Screen disapears, HD works for 5 sec, then I find myself by the logonscreen again.

If I try to login with the old Name, the Box shackes like usual, if a wrong ID is entered.

So, i somehow put myself outside...

...the Question is, how do I get in?

I know its dangerous, thats why I burned my fingers...:rolleyes:

Bach to real:
Unfortunatly, I only upgraded from 9.1, Installed 1 Administrator Account (for installing Samba X), and left the Root alone...until today, when I had to change Names for Network-Reorganisation reasons.
(As I am a HC-(Win)Dos User I ask: is there something like a boot-Disk, so I can access the HD, or another way to boot 9.1 or reach the cmd-line, since I can't access OS X)


Silly me!!!
Always thinking in Bills'n'Bits... :)

in Unix there is still the root...

Just found this over at macworld, following the single-user path:


In Unix there are two ways to re-gain access to your system:

1. You may still have your root password but have forgotten your regular user password (did I mention that "Thou shalt not work as root"). In that case log in as root and issue the
command "passwd ". The system will prompt you for the new password.

2. You never had a regular password and did all the work as superuser (Go to the eternal fire, anathema!) In this case you may be able to either boot the system in single-user mode
or access it from Mac OS (in dual-boot configuration, if you were smart enough to install the beta on a regular HFS+ partition) and edit the /etc/passwd file changing the line that
looks like:


changing it to:


Details will vary, but the idea is to delete the second field representing the encrypted version of your password. Then you'll login as root (no password neccessary) and change your
[null] password to something that you will remember.

...End Quote

Now I'm happy again, messing up my System! :D