Os X Mail Attachment Problem


This is not a critical problem, but it is a persistent one and one I've not had with other mail programs on other OSs or computers.

When I attach a document to an email, the email program frequently either cannot find the attachment, or finds an older version of it than the current version. Quitting the Mail app and restarting it always fixes the problem.

This frequently happens when I'm working on a document or graphic in one window, and composing an email in another. I'll save a new version of the document or graphic (and it does not seem to matter whether it's a Word document, an Excel spreadsheet, a Powerpoint presentation, a Photoshop picture, an Illustrator graphic, a PDF or a straight txt file), then go to attach it to my email. If it is a new file, the mail app won't be able to see it. If it's a new version of an existing file, the mail app sees (and attaches) an old version. Oddly, if I have to navigate to a different set of folders to find the attachment, it sometimes attaches the correct version of the file. If I've recently been in the folder to attach some other document to some other email, it will almost always NOT find the correct version.

If this were a system I knew anything about, I'd say there's a 'currency' problem with the mail app's directory searching function. But I've only been on OS X since I purchased a G5 at the beginning of the year (I'm on 10.3.9 at this point) and only started using this mail app on this computer, so it's not a system I know much about yet. My other systems are an older Mac on OS 9.2 and a WIndows machine. On those, I use mail programs like Eudora and Outlook which, while they have their own problems, have never had this sort of problem.

As I said, it's not a critical problem--I've got a workaround--but it would be good to figure it out and get a fix.

Thanks, Stephanie