os x mail attachments


When my OS 10.4 Mail client receives an attachment generated in a group mailing from an XP workstation sent via Outlook through the intranet Exchange server, the attachment, usually an MS Office document, arrives corrupt, labeled 'mime-attachment' and unable to be opened whether or not I append the proper extension. Any workaround to open it? I have tried looking at the code to determine if I can identify the resource fork, etc but no luck. Our IT department does not support Maill.app so will not fix the problem at its origin. I cannot use our Exchange server because of attachment restrictions, so I maintain a POP account on one of our Unix servers
Your problem is not a Mail problem, but a problem with the sender's XP workstation or your Exchange server. Mail supports Exchange directly. It gives better support in some cases than Microsoft's own Entourage 2004. My guess is that somewhere upstream is a bad setting or settings. Until that is corrected, you will continue to have problems. Does your Exchange server have a web client? If so, then you may use that instead of Mail until the problem is fixed. However, this is no guarantee the you won't see the same problem with the web client.
It has a web client but my POP mail server is independent of Exchange. As I said, our IT support is MS only so they are not interested in settings that affect non-microsoft clients. I got a good tip that the problem is TNEF, and a little utility 'TNEF Enough" decodes some, not all, of the attachments.