OS X mail issues


I just installed 10.1 toady and was trying to set up my e-mail accounts. The problems I'm running into are: I can't send mail out using any of my accouts, (Yahoo, Hotmail, and another more private account). I can receive e-mail, except from Hotmail. But when I send mail out, it says it cannot determint the IP address of host. I'm using the same info I used in Entourage 2001. Is there a difference?
Ok, Mail works with POP acounts.
No web based stuff like yahoo or hotmail.
Entourage works with hotmail, because it's from MS.
Hotmail sucks anyways because of the spam u get.........
Mail can be configured to be used with IMAP accounts (that's what your mac.com address is). This _can_ work with some web-based email services, I believe, but not with Hotmail.

Is your 'other, more private' account a POP account, or from another web-bsed service? Some more information should help us to sort you out....
Hotmail recently disabled support for checking mail outside of the hotmail web site. This was done for "security reasons".
You should be able to use your Yahoo account by first going to your Yahoo email web page, and using the set-up options there to designate your email client as the default for yor Yahoo email account.