OS X Moving to 64-bit?

Go to the site of Motorola and You will find 64bit assembly on a more than 800 pages PDF-file. I know, it's old, technically, but you have asked for it.
i heard that too. I heard that the G5 will be 64 bit and will still be able to operate in 32 bit mode for older stuff. Then the G6 will be pure 64 bit. They should be working on that cuz intel and amd will soon come out with 64 bit chips. in the future, that will be the standard.

Just a random note, when apple comes out with a 64 bit chip, i heard it will meet the standard architecture for multiprocessing chips so it could cluster without limit .... so with that in mind, wouldn't be cool if an apple cluster made the top 500 fastest computers !
Yes Indeed, OS X is moving to 64 bit. And the G5 is a 64 bit CPU. Not only that, but the boxes apple has seeded to Adobe are awsomely quick. Leeks from Adobe say that the 1.6 Ghz G5 is getting on for twice as quick as any of the Pentium based systems they have (including some 2 Ghz ones).