OS X not recognizing nfs mounted volumes quotas


On our campus we nfs mount out home directories. However the manager of the non mac unix servers group decided that all new users should have quota's enforced on them Of 1GB. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure out how to get the macintoshes to recognize that there are quota's for the specific users on the nfs mounted home directory.
The finder just tells me how many GB are free on the nfs mounted drive instead of the quota. If i have a users account who's quota is exceeded all sorts of things get messed up because they can't write anymore to the home directory and the software deletes the old before writing the new.
If i have a user who had hit there hard limit execute the quota command from the command line it returns no results. It should return the results for the exceeded quota.

I have been assured by the unix guys that the server that has the directory on it has rpc.quotad turned on on it, so it must be either my macintoshes that are not requesting the information, they are running some different version of the software to find out quotas are incompatible with our sun solaris boxes.

this occurs in 10.3 & 10.4 both. Apple's website claims that with mac os X server you can set up quota's for nfs mounted home directories & have it work. I have tried adding the quota fields into netinfo however there are so many potential variants out there depending on which version of apple's developer notes you read & i don't know how to read them well enough to know which version i should be using.

Anybody have any ideas.