OS X on 333 MHz iMac?


I am seriously thinking about installing OS X on my iMac 333 MHz iMac w/ 160 megs of RAM. I am currently using 1.4 GB of space on my HD and I am going to partition it for OS X so that I ave a seperate partition for OS 9. I have a few questions...

-How big should I make my partitions?
-Does anyone know how this machine configuration would work in OS X? (slow?)
-Is OS 10.1 a free upgrade from 10? :D
-Are there any limitations (besides apps) with OS X?

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this. :cool:

Hehehe... :D

When I said, any limitations, I meant

-Are there any limits (besides apps) in OS X compared to OS 8.6 or 9? i.e. DVD