OS X on Rev A iMac ???



Has anybody tried OS X on a Rev A. iMac? Is it worth trying? And what about the iMac GameWizard Voodoo2 card? Is it supported? If not, will it be? Thanks!

Yes - it's on of the several Macs I've installed OS X on, and it works just fine.

No, it won't be as fast as a dual processor G4 - but it runs without a problem.
I tried to load OSX on my Rev A iMac but it didn't work.
Wiped the Hard Drive - tried with just standard Apple memory - the lot - all I ever got to was the spinning disk and CD drive making a lot of noise and then it just shut down - took it back to Apple and they couldn't find anything wrong with it but couldn't get it to install either - so now I'm back to 9.1 with a useless X CD :(
I've got it running on my Rev A. Threw me for a loop the first time because I had upgraded the HD to a 10 GB. The installer will ONLY install on a partition on the first 8 GB...so I had to partition the HD before I could install. Please note that this is consistant with TIL info at Apple. You folks REAALLY should look there first. Most of the questions I've seen regarding this kind of stuff are answered there...