OS X: One White Pixel on TiBook



I've noticed that often one bright white pixel appears on my screen in MacOS X. This is not a problem with the display as when I move the mouse over it, it turns black. The pixel, when it appears, is always in the top left-hand corner of the screen just under the menu bar. It's position is somewhat random within a 20x20 pixel bow or so. I think the pixel is actually only visible on the desktop. I haven't noticed any pattern to when it appears, although it seems to show up when I've had the computer on for a while. I think logging out makes it go away.

My computer is the January '01 PBG4 running 10.1. All the settings are normal. I also noticed the problem in 10.0.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? has it been documented elsewhere?

I don't think my identical setup has that problem. Maybe it's the ghost of Clarus the dogcow in your system.

Does it appear if you use a external monitor? Does it appear at system boot up or when your in 9.2 native.
I suppose it could still be the LCD screen, even though it disappears when you move your mouse through it. The pixel gets stuck with all 3 channels on and putting your mouse there resets the color properties for the pixel.

Try massaging the area lightly with your thumb for a minute or so. Hard enough to distort the screen a little, but not so hard to break it. Every time I have pixel weirdness on the TiBook, that usually does the trick nicely.