OS X or OS 9 for start up...


Hi there folks,
I have two hard-drives in my computer. On with OS X (The "original" harddrive - I'll call it "Macintosh HD") and one with Swedish OS 9.04 (My x-tra SCSI drive - which I'll call "OS 9"). My machine is a Beige desktop G3 (233MHz, 128MB, 4+4GB).
At the moment I use OS 9.04 all the time but I'd be nice to be able to boot using the OS X system once in a while when I feel like a test-drive.

But then, and this is my problem, when I change start up disk to "Macintosh HD" it starts with the OS 9.04 system on that disk - not the OS X system. And if there were no OS 9.04 on "Macintosh HD", but only OS X, then it wouldn't let me select that disk as the start up disk in the first place. See the catch?

Does anyone have any solution to this problem?

Sleep tight.

You must use the 'system disk' app in the 'utilities' folder of the OSX CD to switch from 9 to X. You cannot use the 9.04 startup disk CP when in 9.04

Good Luck
Startup Disc works fine. But it´s a little awkward to boot OS9 first to select OSX. Especially because the Startup Disc in OSX´s preferences crashes every time I open it.

Isn´t there a chooser to select the boot disc right at startup? I think of something similar to the Linux Boot Loader. That would be great.